Beth Keegan
UX designer + researcher based in Chicago
About me 
I'm a Chicago-based UX researcher + designer currently working as a consultant at Insight
I'm Beth - and I love creating interfaces that help users experience the real in the digital world. 

With a background in product design, I enjoy utilizing research methods like Object-Oriented UX to help strategically simplify complex systems. I believe that the best digital experiences mirror real-world interactions, and I enjoy crafting *and testing* intuitive, engaging, and seamless interfaces. 

With work that spans various industries, from designing an order optimization application for a national fast food chain to a financial reconciliation tool to save a cellphone retailer millions, I see each new project as an exciting challenge. 

I love to continue creating outside of work, whether that is doodling pictures of my cat or learning pottery, and I am always looking for another good coffee shop in Chicago. 

To learn more about my work, contact me or view my resume below.
If you would like to learn more, contact me! ⬇️​​​​​​​
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